New apple iPod Shuffle

Apple’s iPod shuffles continue to shrink in size! Their newest shuffle recently revealed that it is smaller than all of the other iPod music players AND the size of an AA battery! It will hold up to 1,000 songs. It also has controls on the earphone cord so it is supposed to be easier to use. Not only is it smaller but it also talks! The new iPod shuffle can speak song, artist and playlist names. Apple just unveiled some updates for its desktop computers.
The new iPod shuffle is available now Online
The new iPod shuffle is available now Online
This tiny but amazing mp3 has four times the memory size as its prior capacity (4 gigabytes). However, the price remains the same at $79. Another new feature about this iPod shuffle is that it has a new aluminum design with a stainless steel clip. It is also available in silver or dark grey. You can get the new shuffle at now!


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