Smallville Season 8 Episode 15, s08e15 Online know that you’re looking for Smallville Season 8 Episode 15 to watch online. The new episode of smallville is entitled “Infamous Hex,” and it will be air on March 5, 2009. So we have to wait for a month to watch this exciting episode. Here’s the synopsis of Smallville Season 8 Episode 15; Chloe wishes a peaceful life like her cousin Lois. That’s why the sorceress places her soul in Lois’ body. Even Clark make a wish for himself. I’ll be posting the direct url of Smallville s08e15 video stream on this site once it’s available. You can also find some sites that offers this episode for download via torrent. Watch the trailer of Smallville Season 8 Episode 15 online after the jump.


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