Dünyanın En İyi 10 Emo Grubu

BLue Jean Dergisinin bu sayısında dünya çapında en iyi 10 emo grubu yer almakta.

1- My Chemical Romance
2-30 Second To Mars
3-Fall Out Boy
4-Panıc At The Disco
6-Good Charlotte
8-Taking Back Sunday
9-The Used
10-Billy Talent

Dergiye yeni nesil 10 emo aLbümse şunlar:

1-Silverstein- Discovering the waterfront
2-From Autumn To Ashes- Too Bad You're Beatiful
3-Underoath- Define The Great Line
4-Dead Poetic- New Medicines
5-Aiden- Nightmare Anatomy
6-Hawthprne Heights- If Only You Were Lonely
7-Glassjaw- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SiLence
8-Finch- What Is To Burn
9-A Static Lullaby- A Static Lullaby
10-From First To Last- Heroine

Dergiye göre en dikkat çeken yeni isimlerse şöyle:

1-My American Heart
2-Schoolyard Heroes
3-Kill Hannah
4-Ivory Line
5-Madina Lake

10 gruptan 10 hit şarkı sıralamasıda şöyle :

1-My Chemical Romance- Famous Last Words
2-30 Second To Mars- The Fantasy
3-Fall Out Boy- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
4-Panic At The Disco- Build God Then We'll Talk
5-Afi- ....but Home Is Nowhere
6-Good Charlotte- Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
7-Flyleaf- Fully Alive
8-Taking Back Sunday- Twenty-twenty Surgery
9-The Used- The Bird And The Worm
10-Billy Talent-Covered in Cowardice

TozLu raftan 10 emo aLbüm:

1-Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American
2-Sunny Day Real Estate- Diary
3-Rites Of Spring- End on End
4-The Promise Ring- Nothing Feels Good
5-The Get Up Kids- Something To Write Home About
6-Heroin- Heroin
7-Hoover- Lurid Traversal Of Route 7
8-Drive Like Jehu- Yank Crime
9-Shotmaker- Crayon Club
10-Maximillian Colby- Discography


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